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The Lokean Poetry Project

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rough hands softly unpick knots from my brain raw wound beneath rough hands, touch soft grey matter dashed across pavement with my...


Today is a day of want. And my want speaks like this: come to me, talk to me, make yourself visible for me, understandable. I want you. I...

Son Nálar

Some have called me an insufferable optimist but really I'm only half of it I told you, while you smirked, there's no hope in it, no hope...

God of Mischief

God of Mischief; oh yes, but also: God of teeth God of love God of post-punk goth rock, gay cowboys, rodeo clowns drag queens, God of...


Verse + Poetry (it's not just for Skalds!)

Collected verses, poems, prose, and other sacred texts to and about the Norse god, Loki and his kin.

This project brings together all manner of Lokeans, Loki's people, Loki's friends, Loki's sons, daughters, offspring, spouses, distant cousins, and most importantly his court appointed lawyers and probation officer(s).

See Loki through our eyes - 

"Would ye know yet more?"

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