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The Lokean Poetry Project

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A Deck of Paper Compasses

You're unsure, you hesitate I give you a nudge towards your deck One, Two, Three nudges Finally you begin to shuffle I flip a card out...


Winds blow from Jotunheim, carrying the scent of pine. Fenrir howls and I hear him. Jormungandr swims in my dreams. Hel walks with me....

Hel's Road

I walk the road to Hel. She walks with me: flowers seed, bloom, and rot at her feet. I walk alone. I walk with the dead. I walk with the...


Verse + Poetry (it's not just for Skalds!)

Collected verses, poems, prose, and other sacred texts to and about the Norse god, Loki and his kin.

This project brings together all manner of Lokeans, Loki's people, Loki's friends, Loki's sons, daughters, offspring, spouses, distant cousins, and most importantly his court appointed lawyers and probation officer(s).

See Loki through our eyes - 

"Would ye know yet more?"

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