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when people told you like a cautionary tale i ran to you, mouth open, arms open, eyes fixed to your wild face, a free thing, i saw you....

unquiet thought

as I write music for my lover, my notes look like this - “Loke, Loke ram O flame-haired and firetongued, red meat (thrice roasted) kinda...


i hear a story about you. it is not You, but it is a literary device that could have been you. you find a beehive. you know who it...

The Cow Was Loki the Whole Time

my naym is lok i think its fun tu mess with hoomans when sumtimes one wants tu mend clothes all torn tu shreds i play a trik i steal the...


the soft sun rises surely as setting I rise too today bowls are filled burning are candles in the altar’s home honored quiet are gods ...


Verse + Poetry (it's not just for Skalds!)

Collected verses, poems, prose, and other sacred texts to and about the Norse god, Loki and his kin.

This project brings together all manner of Lokeans, Loki's people, Loki's friends, Loki's sons, daughters, offspring, spouses, distant cousins, and most importantly his court appointed lawyers and probation officer(s).

See Loki through our eyes - 

"Would ye know yet more?"

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