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The Lokean Poetry Project

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To Do List

Image description: a To Do List written on a pink background. Image text reads as follows: Spawning salmon (check) To break your body...

i want you

I want you. honey dripping down your chest - how does this story go again? - paints your sacred sternum gold and red - I think we've done...


Verse + Poetry (it's not just for Skalds!)

Collected verses, poems, prose, and other sacred texts to and about the Norse god, Loki and his kin.

This project brings together all manner of Lokeans, Loki's people, Loki's friends, Loki's sons, daughters, offspring, spouses, distant cousins, and most importantly his court appointed lawyers and probation officer(s).

See Loki through our eyes - 

"Would ye know yet more?"

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