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  • Alene

A Deck of Paper Compasses

You're unsure, you hesitate

I give you a nudge towards your deck

One, Two, Three nudges

Finally you begin to shuffle

I flip a card out

Making sure to really catch your attention

You set it out

My card, your Father of Wands

A sigh of released tension

Three cards you pull

I give you a card of assurance

A card to remind you of what you need to face

And a card to tell you to trust yourself

Keep going

This path must be walked

Through these cards I will be your compass

They will point you in the right direction

And I will be beside you

But it is you who must do the work

You must push through and put one foot in front of the other

Keep going

Keep shuffling


I've been working with Loki for a few years now. He's constantly pushing me to grow in the direction I need to. Between him and Thor I'm challenged a lot, but in a good way.

I like to write in various styles of poetry as well as fiction.


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