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Author Interview: Olivia Spindle; on Poetry, on Fanfiction, on Loki, Hel, Sigyn, and Co.

Olivia Spindle, a 23 year old Chicago native (and a Taurus, love that.), is a writer by nature.

In 2016, Olivia's Grandfather passed away. A stranger to death, especially the death of someone so close to nem, ne was no stranger to the anxiety surrounding this great unknown. Olivia describes nir religious upbringing and how ne refused to visit or enter church graveyards with the rest of the family.

It was a pervasive anxiety.

But now, speaking with me, Olivia has no qualms and no fear - just a calm and quiet confidence.

“I know where I’m going,” ne says. “And I’m going to go hang out with my friend.”

It was during this tumultuous time that Olivia and Hel first met. And Hel did what She does - She helped Olivia become comfortable with the reality of death, the inevitability, and it's place as a natural transition of the human lifespan. Under Hel's tutelage and loving guidance, Olivia developed an expansive practice that put the days of death anxiety long behind nem - and put the friendship and worship of Loptr's daughter front and center.

To no one's surprise, not long after connecting with Hel, said Loptr made His presence in Olivia's life known: loud and clear.

As these cosmic shifts took place, so did the gods' influence on Olivia's writing. While composing fanfiction about the Supernatural character Gabriel, who is revealed through to be Loki through an offhand remark, alluding to a mysterious backstory, inspiration struck.

“I was interested in this idea of a character who had this whole past no one really knew about and how it became revealed.”

A new story, or rather, same story/different verse, began to take shape. Ne realized Gabriel no longer embodied the narrative that was unfolding.

“But I could do this with Loki,” ne said. And it all started coming together, piece by piece. “I was always very fascinated with Him, Loki as a father, and his relationship with his kids. He’s very much a family guy.”

Now in step with both Loki, the father and His daughter, the characters in nir story became distinct. What started as fanfiction was now inspired by reality as Olivia penned a historical fiction with main characters Loki and His adopted daughter.

Said Olivia, “The characters are distinct, it’s not Them, but it’s informed a lot by my own experience [with Them.] I’m controlling a lot of elements in the story.”

When it comes to writing, Olivia is always active. And nir spiritual and creative worlds are a Venn diagram with multiple points of overlap.

“Even if I’m not writing I just keep thinking about them. They won’t leave me alone,” ne says, smiling.

As for the other divine influences in nir life, Odinn pops in and out (as he is wont to do), and Sigyn, a comparatively new arrival, has come forth with a strong and deliberate presence.

“With Loki and Hel,” Olivia says, “I had a sense of who they were already. With Sigyn it was different. ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What are you about?’ She wanted more enthusiasm, more dedication.” Olivia describes two telling and contrasting readings ne performed using an Oracle deck. For Sigyn, ne drew the Midday card; signifying work to be done, cultivation, and harvest. And for Hel, Midnight.

“Hel is very chill. Loki and Sigyn are more of a constant presence. Hel isn’t that way. She isn’t there all the time - but she will be there eventually.” Olivia smiles thinking of Hel, and I am reminded of how one might speak of an old and dear friend. There is warmth and familiarity in Olivia's tone. “She doesn’t need you to acknowledge her - She knows the significance she has even if you aren’t calling out to her specifically. --

"She knows she’s important and she doesn’t need you to tell her. Loki, on the other hand is more like. ‘I know I’m important and I’d like you to tell me.”

When it comes to personal gnosis and mysticism; academic research is never far behind Olivia. Ne has laid the groundwork of their practice in what surviving sources are available to us as modern polytheists. “I am interested academically in the history. Ne adds, “That was then, this is now. That was eight hundred years ago."

Says Olivia, “Americans are very focused on the Eddas. [European pagans] draw from their folklore,” ne says. “Americans don’t have anything but the Eddas. Academic research is the only venue we have and [we end up] being so focused on the official record.”

One thing is certain - we hope to hear a lot more of Oliva's perspective and a lot more of nir writing very soon. And that's on the official record.

Read more from Olivia here:


- KC "Lokahjarta" Wyatt

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