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  • Max Harper

Fending With the Chain-Breakers

I felt the chains slither over me

Serpents sliding over my solemn skin

Waiting to reach my vein

And puncture

Their venom a familiar burn

Nearly soothing in it’s agonizing pain

A cold fire

Immolating everything it touches

In your touch a heaviness like death surrounds me

And in the maelstrom, I hear their voices

“Will you let this bind you?”

“Will you let it break you?”

A flash of fur and blood

A flash of fire and rage

I pull against the chains

Struggle in the grasp of the serpent

Bite my tongue and fight through the pain

I fight

I bleed

I succeed

The snap of chains and the shaking of the earth

As I destroy that which binds me

Teeth ready to grab my assailant by the throat

Taking only a moment to think if their blood should be spilt for mine

I clamp down

I destroy

I sing victory

As the serpents fall

Another victory from the grasp of defeat

A new start to the cycle

In the silence

I breathe



Hello! I’m Max, 26, and have been a proud Loki devotee for approximately six years now. I’ve had an oath with him for about five years, and am constantly learning and growing as I work with him and his family. Poetry tends to be my primary devotional act, so I look forward to sharing them with you all.


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