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  • Max Harper

For Loki

My song for you of silver tongue

Whose words flay open the nature of our follies

And leave them open for the world to see

Who speaks daggers on the hypocrisies of those around you

Who digs open wounds like a surgeon and let us examine

That which we hide from the world

May you grant me the same tenacity

In calling out the hypocrisies of those around me

With the same strength and fearlessness

Of a father who has lost his children

And wishes to see the truth burn like an open flame

Engulfing all that surrounds it until there is nothing

But ash to dance in

May you teach me not to fear the chains nor the serpent that hangs above me

So long as the truth is ripped free from my lips

So long sewn shut

But no longer afraid to speak

And no longer afraid to illuminate cruelty

Instead of waiting in complacent silence

And may I make you proud as I fight for those monsters like me

Who lurk outside in the shadows, not allowed to be touched by the light

May these words reach the ears of the unfortunate, the outcast, and the underprivileged

And sing to them of hope, and a future burned clean of the injustices of today

I sing to you of many names

Sky-Treader, Scar-Lip, Vulture's Path

World-Breaker, Wolf-Sire, Wild and Wicked one

I sing



Hello! I’m Max, 26, and have been a proud Loki devotee for approximately six years now. I’ve had an oath with him for about five years, and am constantly learning and growing as I work with him and his family. Poetry tends to be my primary devotional act, so I look forward to sharing them with you all.


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