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  • KC "Lokahjarta" Wyatt

God of Mischief

God of Mischief;

oh yes, but also:

God of teeth

God of love

God of post-punk goth rock,

gay cowboys, rodeo clowns

drag queens,

God of Butches, God of Dykes

God of Femmes

God of the Queers,


God of the Fool

God of giants,

God of kissing

God of blood

God of vasovagal syncopate

God of French fries

God of funnel cake

God of caves

God of caverns

God of binding

God of sewing

God of little rivers,

God of good salmon,

God of red gold,

God of divebars,

God of neon,

God of supernovae,

God of celestial light,

God of pathways,

God of roads,

God of mischief: yes, and!

God of laughter

God of warmth

God of rosy cheeks,

God of mirth

Yes, and!

God of tension

God of pain

God of grief

God of children,

God of mothers,


And godbrother.

mischief is never enough. We’re thirstier than that.


A Southwestern cowboy loving Lokean moonlighting as a high femme goth. Genderqueer and weird, wed to the god 9 years. - KC Wyatt.


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