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  • Max Harper

Hymn to You of Nature's Wild

Hail to you sons and daughters

Of chilling ice and burning flame

Of the cavernous earth and vast sky

Of mountain high and ocean deep

You outsiders beyond the home and hearth

That lie in natures heart and essence

Wild and untamed you dance

A dance older than most of the realms

One that your great ancestor

Whose body fed them

A memory seeded in the blood that spans

and spins

Throughout families and tribes of your kind

and others

Like the roots of the great tree itself

Spanning through bloodlines great and small

Let your wild howl echo in the night

And your joy scream through the day

As you







Sing your memories into the very elements we see

Teach your lessons in blizzards and wildfire

Find your passion in caverns deep and clouds above

Hide your secrets in avalanches and tidal waves

And let the world remember your greatness

You who were here before all

And continue to shape our lands

As we admire and fear your greatness and wisdom

That continues to swirl around us like

Snowflakes and Blizzards

May your liminality bless us all

As we endure your tests

And gain your strength



Hello! I’m Max, 26, and have been a proud Loki devotee for approximately six years now. I’ve had an oath with him for about five years, and am constantly learning and growing as I work with him and his family. Poetry tends to be my primary devotional act, so I look forward to sharing them with you all.


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