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  • KC "Lokahjarta" Wyatt

i want you

I want you.

honey dripping down your chest - how does this story go again?

- paints your sacred sternum gold and red -

I think we've done this dance before, I think I know where we will end.

tonguing down to trace tattoos that are lucky to lick your holy hips.

these blacktrack serpentine lines don't know I'm jealous of them, inked forever in your skin.

your left clavicle is my fetish, so is the arch of your right foot. your fingernails and cuticles. your freckled chin, your bottom lip, your pinched earlobes, nape of your neck.

do you belong to me? do you want to be?

don't give me big picture bullshit.

I want your dirty details.

Your tufts of hair,

inner thighs,

bony kneecaps,

sweaty palms.

don't you fucking gaze at me, go pulling gently on my heartstrings.

You're not gentle on my mind,

you're heavy on my sex.

look at me:

No, down here.

do you belong to me?

do you want to be?


A Southwestern cowboy loving Lokean moonlighting as a high femme goth. Genderqueer and weird, wed to the god 9 years. - KC Wyatt.


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