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Winds blow from Jotunheim,

carrying the scent of pine.

Fenrir howls and I hear him.

Jormungandr swims in my dreams.

Hel walks with me.

Sleipnir's hoofbeats pound in my ears.

Narfi and Vali are with me when I cry.

Sigyn’s burdened arms tremble

when I carry heavy weight.

Angrboda’s eyes watch me.

Loki’s laughter echoes

in my own.

Winds blow from Jotunheim,

carrying the scent of home.



Cardinal is a 30-year-old heathen and polytheist with ten years of practice. They live in Canada where they worship Loki, Hel, Loki's family, and Odin. When not writing devotional poetry, they like to write haiku. They also play a lot of board games. You can find them on Tumblr at: silenceshome.


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