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  • KC "Lokahjarta" Wyatt

scene outside a dive bar

I saw you standing out there, dirt still swirling around your boots, clung to the leather

like cinnamon sugar ozone and gasoline mingling the dry air and swimming through the cumulus cotton,

wings alight in the dewy moonshine, a vulture, like an angel, overhead I spit out my drink stared you down. Red hands 'round the neck, wrangler - you'll have to go through me. did you think I wouldn't find you? you're not that good at hiding not when I'm the one coyote calling you home, and you know what they say, a phone goes two ways these canyon walls echo and we share a name this dive bar ain't big enough for the two of us have you ever seen two stars collide before? the gravity between them so intense they merge and bend light all around

Til there ain't no more of either of them. I saw you standing out there, Well you're a sight to see. I want your stars to run headfirst into me

What colors and flashes of light will we make

tussling in the moonlit silver sand

fluorescent fusions of neon making bifrost rainbows in your rhinestones

Red hands tied 'round my back, baby I just wanna wrestle with the angel overhead.


A Southwestern cowboy poet Lokean moonlighting as a high femme goth. Genderqueer and weird - here's our next performer: KC Wyatt.


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