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  • Max Harper

Shapeshifter, my Soul

I hold my body tight

It’s otherness unknown to my soul

I envy the shape shifter

A being of pure liminality

Whose peace I will never know

May you teach me your secrets

Like water pushing and pulling

Changing and transforming

Until I know the peace of my own fluidity

And the embrace of the depths below

A cooling blanket against the heat of their stares

and whispers

Fiery one may you burn away my expectations

My insecurities of this othered body

This othered soul

One who follows in your liminal footsteps

Never on one side or the other

But a shade with a foot on each side

Toeing the line like a tightrope walker

Sky Treader teach me how to soar

To embrace the gifts that you have given to me

And use them for the right reasons

My cunning, my intellect

My Heart

May I learn that the keen look in your eye

Looks past my physical form

And straight into my wild soul

Ever shifting like your own

Through the grey



Hello! I’m Max, 26, and have been a proud Loki devotee for approximately six years now. I’ve had an oath with him for about five years, and am constantly learning and growing as I work with him and his family. Poetry tends to be my primary devotional act, so I look forward to sharing them with you all.


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