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To Do List


Image description: a To Do List written on a pink background. Image text reads as follows:

Spawning salmon (check)

To break your body upon the stones (check)

Not out of fear (check)

But eagerly (check)

Like a gift (check)

Again (check)

Like a devouring (check)

Again (check)

Like a haunting (check)

Like a summoning (check)

Like a becoming (check)

Like a love letter (check)

A litany (check)

A ligature (check)

To make a sacrament of myself (check)

My bloodied flesh in your mouth (check)

Your sharp stone teeth (check)

Clip clean into me (check)

You swallow my heart (check)

Again (check)

Again (check)



Author: Rabbit

I'm Rabbit, a queer androgyne born and raised in Southern Appalachia, now far travelled. I've been a Lokean for ten years and I am a godspouse-to-be. Mainly free verse, a little prose. Other devotionals and odds and ends can be found on my tumblr.


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