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  • KC "Lokahjarta" Wyatt

Son Nálar

Some have called me an insufferable optimist but really I'm only half of it

I told you, while you smirked, there's no hope in it, no hope in any of this, it's fear alone that drives us on

And you know yourself we are all doomed.

And you shook your head, smiled, and said, "So what?"

When it comes to bastards without hope, I'm the comeback kid


Aren't people just like me

your specialty?

I'm eternally bummed out or bleeding out for the whales and the angels and the end of the world

And oh Saint Inevitable, I'm asking you: how can I fix it?

And you just smile and shake your head and say, "You can't. Gonna have a heart attack about it?"

insensitive prick

Things aren't alright just because You're here

But you do make me believe this wretched world can be redeemed

Just by the nature of your existence running alongside mine.

Our threads unspool from an open wound

And you promise me, these too,

Can mend.

So long as we hitch stitch, Nál's son,

And come back together (better)

in the End.

I'm only half of it.

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