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  • Eliza Tungusnakur

Walking With You

Walking with you Feels

The edge of a knife Daring, offensive

Where lamplight shines On smokeless mirrors, True

Walking with you Catches Like twine on branches Rough, hewn

When caught in the twist Riddling pride, Rue Walking with you Trawls Breadths of seas Rocky, rude Where ferrymen pass As cryptic chauffeurs, Move Walking with you Shames No one while it Sheds, soothes When leaping at life Detonates your own Tune

Author's Note: Written in devotion to Loki, one year on.

Eliza Tungusnakur

Eclectic Technopagan. Student of Animism. Dark Folk Music Nerd. Part-time goth. Loki Devotee. Creating Community. She/Her, 33, Scotland.


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